• danniallecarr

Healthy Body and Soul

What are the pros and cons of working out at home or in the gym? Working out at home does not cost much, with a yoga mat, some dumbbells, rope, exercise bike you are in business. I myself walked on a treadmill for 30 minutes every other day and lost 60 lbs. in two months. Meditation is good for the soul and helps clear your chakras. Mainly it enhances your self-awareness, nourishes the mind, promotes emotional health, and increases your attention span. Meditation can also be used to control anxiety during stressful times. Some evidence shows it can be used to help with addiction. Meditation allows you an opportunity to be still for a moment and think about what you are going through. A few suggestions on how to meditate. First, you are going to need a good mat with enough cushion to protect your knees when in a kneeling position. Sit quietly in a place where you are comfortable. Close your eyes, and breathe evenly, clear your thoughts of any outside stimulation. Do this each day for about 30 minutes. While we are in the process of learning our new normal, adding the benefit of mental exercise will aid in all aspects of life. This gym in a bag has what you need conveniently together. Gyms not being accessible is not an excuse to neglect your physical health. Try it what do you have to lose? No, it is not like a gym membership, you can use the equipment anytime day or night, no babysitter required.


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