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Get Out and Plant Something

While changing my diet a great revelation was discovered, eating clean changed my attitude and had a serious impact on my mood. Feelings of positivity ensued, energy levels went up and happiness and excitement became familiar emotions. In the second phase of improving my health, I ate clean one day and normally the next, reintroducing foods taken out of my diet in the first phase. As I began eating foods containing sugar and carbohydrates, I routinely felt negative and annoyed. Although fresh fruits and vegetables were more expensive it was still worth the price. To have more fresh vegetables I planted a garden and added a few herbs to complete my set up. In the process, I uncovered a good way to establish good health by gardening. Most do agree gardening does offer exercise, yet do not realize gardening is mentally and physically beneficial. Being outside in the sun provides an excellent source of vitamin d. Digging up weeds, tilling the soil, and planting seeds burn calories. Mentally it offers a wide range of rewards such as easing stress, anxiety, depression, and also teaches lessons in life. We learn the value of taking our time and waiting, seeds take time to grow, what sprouts is not always picture-perfect, yet it is still good for us. We are shown how little we control on this planet by observing how sometimes the flowers bloom and other times only a bush appears even though we did everything correctly. Here are some great gardening tools and seed ideas to get started. Go outside and create something, plant some lettuce, tomatoes, green beans, strawberries, flowers, herbs. Educate your children on giving back to our planet. Get started today, make it fun by allowing the kids to choose the seeds.

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