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Cats Are Good Walking Companions

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

If you are not into using exercise equipment or going to the gym, another way to get fit is walking. Taking a few laps around the block is a great way to improve your health, self-esteem, and mood with a bonus of enhancing the quality of sleep and aiding in depression. Walking helps with medical conditions such as diabetes, prevents cancer, heart attacks, and strokes. You live longer and receive a boost to your overall sense of well-being. People walk alone, with a partner, or simply take the dog for a stroll. For those with none of the before mentioned, did you know walking your cat is an option? Cats love the smell of grass and enjoy being outdoors. It is easier than you think to train your pet to walk on a leash. Your first challenge will be getting your cat used to wearing a harness. Invest in a harness specially designed for cats. Put the harness on and let the cat wear it around the house. After you have gotten past this initial stage, you are ready to take your cat outside. Choose a quiet area with little distraction and you are set. There several types of harness, be sure to pick one your pet is comfortable with. Do not forget the leash, choose between standard and retractable. Stay safe and enjoy your walk.

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