• danniallecarr

Bright Colors are Energetic

Orange, yellow, light blue, neon colors have a wonderful effect on your mood. Invigorating colors give you energy, makes you alert, and evokes feelings of happiness and content. True they could be annoying, but the benefits outweigh the negative aspects. Each Sunday before my work week start, I get up early in the morning and open the curtains to look up at the sky. I have a privacy film on my windows, I see out, yet neighbors cannot see in. I sit in bright orange hammock swing. Yeah, hammock swing, smack in the living room. I turn on my electric fireplace, minus the heat because it is spring and not very cold outside. I sit with my headphones on blaring my favorite tunes on Pandora and I become lost in the music and the swaying. When I get up Monday, I am refreshed and ready to start the week, it is not against the law to simply enjoy your life. These days your living space can be decorated any way you choose there are no rules.

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